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​"I was fortunate to have Carrie as my Communications partner ay Pfizer, where her impact on the brand was invaluable. She is passionate about communications and how it can be used strategically across both traditional and emerging channels to fuel success. A consummate team player, she understands when to take risks, how to educate and influence, and was always looking for ways to celebrate the accomplishments of others. Her positive attitude and problem solving mindset are infectious in both small and large group settings. She is a person you want on your team because her work ethic and enthusiasm make everyone around her better."

Bonnie Ben-Shmuel, Director, Marketing, Rare Diseases, Pfizer


"I had the pleasure of working with Carrie for almost two years. During that time I was constantly impressed with her business acumen, in-depth knowledge of her company and what she was working on, and ability to drive forward strategic and compelling programming while navigating a complex set of processes and protocols. She’s an exceptional communications professional and leader, and I look forward to the day when our professional paths cross again."

Kristin Yelenovic, Team Leader, Chandler Chicco Agency


"I highly recommend Carrie. I had the opportunity to work in the same Business Unit with her for a couple years; she is passion about the support she provides to both the leader and company. She has many strengths that make her a great Director of Communications; the one that I most admire is her strategic thinking around the importance of culture and ensuring colleague buy-in."

Gordon Rust, National Sales Director, Rare Diseases, Pfizer


"Carrie is a frequent and favorite guest lecturer in my Healthcare Communications class at Baruch for graduate students. Her practical advice, strong understanding of not only public relations but all related fields in communications (marketing, internal communications, reputation management, advocacy relations) and her deep experience in these areas provides the students with real-life insight into PR and communications. She's very comfortable presenting and gives excellent tips for doing so successfully - as well as how students can work successfully and strategically with media and other important stakeholders. She's humorous, real, warm and honest with the students. And there is no doubt in my mind that Carrie could teach this class."

Allison Clair, Director, Institutional Communications at NYU Langone Medical Center and Professor, New York University - Leonard N. Stern School of Business


"For the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working with Carrie Goldstein at Pfizer, in her role as Sr. Public Relations Manager on LYRICA, a $1.9b asset and Pfizer's largest growth brand. Carrie brings with her a wealth of over 15 years PR experience. She also serves as a subject matter expert for social media and listening on the brand, helping the primary care division establish guidelines, processes and procedures for leveraging the new media in the Pharmaceutical industry. In particular, Carrie demonstrated self-initiative in helping the team to establish the role of social influencers and develop approaches for how to engage and activate these online influencers to effectively drive LYRICA online."

Sharon MacDermott, Director, Marketing, Lyrica Brand Team, Pfizer


"Carrie and I partnered together on the launch of a new indication for Lyrica. She was the most collaborative core team member. Carrie brings a strong strategic view with her PR expertise. Her innovative approach to the marketing program helped to provide a flawless execution at launch. I would highly recommend working with Carrie again as she truly understands the healthcare PR industry and is a fantastic strategic partner."

​Ceci Daley, Director, Marketing, Lyrica Brand Team, Pfizer


"Carrie Goldstein is an innovative, imaginative, results-focused public relations consultant.  Ever watchful of our bottom line, Carrie embraced the PR challenges inherent within the launch of a new non-profit organization and moved mountains to increase our visibility - successfully , I might add!"

Melissa Marr, President, The Healing Project, Inc.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Carrie on multiple accounts that she helped lead for Baer Consulting. For two years, we worked together on an almost daily basis -- she was certainly considered part of our core team, even though she is based in FL and our offices are in NJ. "Roll up your sleeves" attittude rings true for Carrie -- we worked 'side-by-side' long hours to execute seamless programming and launches, and I consider her to be one of my PR mentors."

Melanie McCoy, Baer Consulting

"I have worked with Carrie Goldstein on a number of campaigns and she is a great asset and team player.  Whether a project requires media relations expertise, event or project management or client and third party partner relations, Carrie has the experience and commitment needed to generate great results.  She is also able to take on projects with little notice, and works seamlessly with teams.  I look forward to working with her in the future."

Tara Naughton, Cohn & Wolfe


"Working with Carrie Goldstein is a dream.  Her project management skills and clear creative direction has made our working relationship one that always yields high quality work; on budget and on time.  Her knowledge of the industry and clear cut client relationships allow us to move very detailed programs forward with excellent results."

Amy Zimmerman, The Ivy League of Design


"Carrie Goldstein is a top-notch freelance public relations consultant, able to jump into any project at any point and deliver on objectives and exceed expectations.  A detail-oriented manager with a comprehensive knowledge of public relations, Carrie has been a valuable and much appreciated support on multiple occasions.

M. Toni Buckley, HealthSTAR Public Relations


"Carrie Goldstein is a professional, personable, hardworking and intelligent public relations practitioner who fits in seamlessly with our team and is an asset to any project.  I highly recommend her."

Rebecca (Zeitler) Farrell, HealthSTAR Public Relations


"Carrie Goldstein has provided her expertise on several occasions for two very different companies with which I am involved. I have found her to be a quick study on the needs of our businesses, she is able to analyze our products and bring out the essence of our work in effective promotional strategies on time and in a cost-effective way.  She also has the ability to work across boundaries, finding points of connection between our business and the business of her other clients, which has resulted in opening up new lines of business for us.  I highly recommend her."

Victor Starsia, President, LaChance Publishing


"Carrie Goldstein is a pleasure to work with, with solid, consistent results and a great attitude."

Anne FitzSimons-Unger, Manning, Selvage and Lee


"Carrie Goldstein was a freelance consultant on several of my projects.  We went back to her time after time when the team was overwhelmed and we needed an organized, professional freelancer to help drive projects forward. She seamlessly integrated with the team and gained the trust of clients.  Most importantly, she delivers quality work on time and on strategy.  I would hire her again in a heartbeat."

Vilena Katanova, Cohn & Wolfe


"Carrie Goldstein is a most planful and focused leader.  She has an ability to forecast what it takes to implement a plan, thus ensuring positive outcomes.  Carrie is certainly detail oriented yet does see the big picture.  Her commitment to a cause is laudable and thus she sets an example for others."

Pepi Dunay, Jewish Federation of Broward County


"Carrie Goldstein was a pleasure to work with.  She was always professional and reliable with a high attention to detail.  I could count on her to take the ball and run with any assignment thrown her way without hesitation - a valued addition to any team."

Lara B. Cohn, HealthSTAR Public Relations


"I have been working with Carrie Goldstein for over a year and it has been a pleasure.  She is smart, innovative and always reliable."

Ivy Mindlin-Epstein, The Ivy League of Design


"Carrie and I have served together in leadership positions in the Gulfstream Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.  Carrie consistently offered creative ideas and solutions, worked towards maintaining the highest standards for the organization, and accomplished whatever task she was assigned - successfully and on time.  I highly recommend Carrie."

Cindy Schutt, APR, Principal, Cindy Schutt PR and Past-President, PRSA Gulfstream Chapter


"Carrie Goldstein is a member of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of Broward County and is Chair of the Federation’s Young Leadership Division for people between the ages of 23 – 40.   Additionally, Carrie is a very active volunteer on behalf of the Jewish Federation, participating on numerous committees and participating in many of our events and activities.  I have worked with Carrie extensively over the past year plus, and she is a dynamic leader whose specific focus for the Federation has been the development of a vibrant division for people under 40.  Carrie’s leadership in this regard has been of great importance to the Federation, and I enjoy working with Carrie who offers new insights into the work that we do together."

Eric Stillman, President and CEO, Jewish Federation of Broward County
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