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Carrie Goldstein | Corporate Communications
Executive Communications and Engagement
  • Internal Leader Engagement through Communications

  • Engagement Survey Results Reporting and Engagement Action Planning

  • Executive Thought Leadership through Industry Engagement, Traditional and Social Media, Awards, Community Boards 

Product Marketing Communications
  • Traditional Media Materials 

  • Regulatory and Launch Milestones 

  • Spokesperson Preparedness

  • Digital and Social Media Strategy and Content Development

Corporate Communications Strategy & Execution
  • Corporate Narrative, Vision, Mission and Core Values

  • Amplification content strategy through internal/external channels and executive thought leadership 

  • Organization and Change Management Communications (executive transitions, policy updates)

Internal Communications Strategy
  • Employee Value Proposition

  • Employee profiles to curate and cater to specific-audience needs

  • Intranet Framework and Content Management

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

Carrie Goldstein | Corporate Communications
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