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Carrie Goldstein | Corporate Communications



Carrie Goldstein | Corporate Communications


Corporate Communications Strategy & Execution
Internal Communications Strategy
Executive Communications and Engagement
Product Marketing Communications

Carrie Goldstein


As a consultant for you, I will bring my experience to support your business and communications goals. No job is too big or too small - from needing an extra set of hands for a short-term assignment, managing part of an initiative, or designing the strategy and executing on integrated, complex communications campaign.

Carrie Goldstein is an award-winning communications leader whose teams have been honored with more than 25 industry awards for their innovative campaigns. 

Her early career focused solely on healthcare to raise disease awareness, unite communities, and bring products to markets that would help patients across therapeutic areas. Through her work, she drove communications on trade and scientific channels, brought eight products through FDA approval and worked with celebrities, influencers and advocacy organizations to amplify the awareness of the diseases her products supported.

Carrie led the Communications for the Pain, Rare Disease and Generic portfolios at Pfizer. For each, she created an integrated approach to support the business goals, develop the organization’s culture and executive thought leadership, as key drivers of the corporate narrative. 

Through her work at Cheer Partners and as part of her role at Emergent BioSolutions, Carrie deepened her expertise on the impact communications has on the employee experience. She has worked with leadership teams to increase their visibility and transparency to address the needs of the different segments of their employee population.

Carrie’s experience allows for a strategic approach to all communications campaigns, ensuring messages resonate with key internal and external audiences through innovative approaches and channels.



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